API Cookbook

Here we have a collection of useful information you can use for reference when writing your API scripts. From usage tips and gotchas to deeper examples of working with entities like Tasks and Files, there’s a lot of example code in here for you to play with.

Usage Tips

These are some best-practices and good guidelines to follow when developing your scripts. You’ll also find some gotchas you can avoid.


Some basic example scripts that we walk you through from beginning to end. Feel free to copy and paste any of these into your own scripts.

Working With Files

You’ll probably be doing some work with files at your studio. This is a deep dive into some of the inners of how Flow Production Tracking handles files (also called Attachments) and the different ways to link to them.

Working With Tasks

Scheduling is a complex beast. Flow Production Tracking can handle lots of different types of functionality around scheduling like split tasks, dependencies, and more. These docs walk you through the details of how Flow Production Tracking thinks when it’s handling Task changes and how you can make your scripts do what you need to do.

Smart Cut Fields

Smart Cut Fields are deprecated in favor of the new cut support added in ShotGrid v7.0. This documentation remains only to support studios who may not have upgraded to the new cut support features.