Flow Production Tracking Python API Changelog

Here you can see the full list of changes between each Python API release.

v3.6.0 (2024 May 1)

  • Drop support for Python 2.7

  • certifi version changed to 2024.2.2

  • Documentation update

v3.5.1 (2024 Apr 3)

  • Documentation: Revert to Shotgun in the API Reference headers to keep consistency with the API methods

  • Mockgun: fix entity data type

  • Mockgun: add support for add_user_agent and set_session_uuid methods

v3.5.0 (2024 Mar 26)

  • Rebranding component for Flow Production Tracking

v3.4.2 (2024 Feb 6)

  • Add support for Python 3.11

v3.4.1 (2024 Jan 29)

  • Flaky Tests

  • Documentation: Fix issue regarding “in” filter prototype

  • Documentation: Travis badge image is no working anymore

  • Documentation: Add user_subscription_read and user_subscription_create methods

  • Update Python Certifi license block

  • Add methods for the user_subscriptions API end points

  • Retry ShotGrid request also on error 504

  • Retry S3 uploads on error 500

  • Comment typing annotation breaks Python 2 compatibility

  • Add field type entity_type to mockgun

v3.4.0 (2023 Sep 22)

  • Started support for Python 3.10 for CI.

  • Add documentation for PublishedFiles preset filters.

  • Upgrade httplib2 to 0.22.0.

  • Update licensing.

  • Updates Autodesk URLs.

  • Fix flaky tests.

v3.3.6 (2023 Aug 29)

  • Update docs for entity fields.

  • Fix typo.

  • Fix incorrect hint.

  • Reformat code examples to prevent text overflow.

  • Bump certifi from 2020.06.20 to 2022.12.7 in /shotgun_api3/lib.

  • Skip SG-MIM entities.

  • Replace shotgunsoftware references.

  • Deprecation of Python 2.

  • Security upgrade certifi to latest version 2023.07.22.

v3.3.5 (2023 Jan 5)

  • Add “Setting Up Your Environment with the Python API” to Python Docs (python-api docs).

  • [Python API Documentation] Update Python version requirements.

  • Rename Shotgun to Shotgrid in every about text like tk-multi-demo git repository.

  • Rename Shotgun servers to ShotGrid servers in the documentation.

v3.3.4 (2022 June 9)

  • Adds Retries on 503 Errors when uploading to S3.

  • Updates AMI Documentation to Support Python 3.

  • Adds Python 3.9 coverage in Azure Pipeline CI tests.

  • Fixes git protocol for the installation.

v3.3.3 (2021 December 1)

  • Replaces shotgunsoftware urls with Autodesk Knowledge Network and ShotGrid Developer Documentation pages.

v3.3.2 (2021 September 27)

  • Updates version of httplib2.

v3.3.1 (2021 July 12)

  • Implements retries with incremental backoff on 502 errors.

v3.3.0 (2021 Jun 7)

  • Updates documentation and error messages to mention ShotGrid.

v3.2.6 (2020 Nov 24)

  • Now includes certifi and defaults to using the certificates provided with that module.

v3.2.4 (2020 May 25)

  • Updates httplib2 to v0.18.0.

v3.2.3 (2020 Apr 21)

v3.2.2 (2019 Dec 11)

  • Upgrades packaged six module to 1.13.0

  • Adds platform and normalize_platform to sgsix module to provide unified platform value across Python 2/3

  • Changes httplib import procedure to emulate direct import of the module

  • Adds test to ensure httplib2 is importable as expected

v3.2.1 (2019 Oct 29)

  • Returns a specific error from share_thumbnail when the source thumbnail is a ‘transient’ thumbnail.

v3.2.0 (2019 Sept 23)

  • Adds a new project_entity parameter to schema_field_update that allows to modify field visibility for a given project.

v3.1.2 (2019 Sept 17)

  • Adds an optional localized property on the Shotgun object which allows to retrieve localized display names on methods schema_entity_read(), schema_field_read(), and schema_read().

v3.1.1 (2019 August 29)

  • Fixes a regression on Python 2.7.0-2.7.9 on Windows with the mimetypes module.

v3.1.0 (2019 July 29)

  • Adds support for Python 3.7

v3.0.41 (2019 June 28)

  • Adds an optional sleep between retries specified via the SHOTGUN_API_RETRY_INTERVAL environment variable, or by setting sg.config.rpc_attempt_interval.

v3.0.40 (2019 March 13)

  • Updates encoding method to use shutil when uploading, to avoid memory and overflow errors when reading large files. (contributed by @eestrada)

v3.0.39 (2019 February 20)

  • Ensures the certificates packaged with the API and those specified via the SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS environment variable are used when uploading a file.

v3.0.38 (2019 February 7)

  • Upgrades the version of httplib2 to 0.12.0, which fixes SNI issues. Note this version contains a more recent list of certificate authorities. If you are running Shotgun locally and have signed your https certificate with an outdated certificate authority, the Shotgun connection will be rejected.

v3.0.37 (2018 July 19)

  • Proper support added for unicode and utf-8 string paths given to upload methods, and a sane error is raised when an unusable string encoding is used.

  • Adds support for querying preferences from Shotgun via the new preferences_read method.

  • Under-the-hood changes to add support for direct to s3 uploads to Shotgun. This change should be transparent to users.

v3.0.36 (2018 April 3)

  • Fixes an error where connect=False during __init__ would still connect to Shotgun.

  • Adds support for SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS when uploading and downloading files.

  • Properly handles failed downloads due to malware scanning.

v3.0.35 (2017 December 8)

  • Add exception UserCredentialsNotAllowedForSSOAuthenticationFault. Triggered when attempting to initiate a connection with a username/password pair on an SSO-enabled Shotgun site.

v3.0.34 (2017 September 18)

  • Optimized pagination strategy for Shotgun 7.4+

  • Switched from a hard-coded value of 500 for “records_per_page” to a server-defined value. We will be experimenting with higher values with the goal of increasing performance for large result sets.

v3.0.33 (2017 July 18)

  • Raise an exception when uploading an empty file using upload(), upload_thumbnail() or upload_filmstrip_thumbnail() before calling out to the server.

  • Multiple enhancements and bugfixes to Mockgun

  • Added nav_search_string() and nav_search_entity() methods as experimental, internal methods for querying SG hierarchy.

  • Introduces a following() query method, that accepts a user entity and optionally an entity type and/or project.

v3.0.32 (2016 Sep 22)

  • Optimized import speed of the API on Python 2.7.

  • Integrated the latest fixes to the mimetypes module.

  • Added nav_expand() method as an experimental, internal method for querying SG hierarchy.

  • Ported all documentation to sphinx. See http://developer.shotgridsoftware.com/python-api.

  • Moved Changelog to dedicated HISTORY file.

v3.0.31 (2016 May 18)

v3.0.30 (2016 Apr 25)

  • Add option to use add/remove/set modes when updating multi-entity fields.

  • Add explicit file handler close to download_attachment.

  • Add basic find() ordering support to mockgun.

  • Allow for product specific authorization parameters.

v3.0.29 (2016 Mar 7)

  • Reverted the change to the default field names for image uploading.

v3.0.28 (2016 Mar 3)

  • Refactored nested classing of sgtimezone library to allow for serializable timestamps.

v3.0.27 (2016 Feb 18)

  • Make sure HTTP proxy authentication works with the @ character in a password.

  • Make sure sudo authentication test works with Shotgun versions after v6.3.10.

  • Smarter uploading of thumbnails and filmstrips with the upload() method.

  • Improve Travis build integration of the Python-API to run the full suite of API tests instead of just the unit and client tests.

v3.0.26 (2016 Feb 1)

  • Updating testing framework to use environment variables inconjunction with existing example_config file so that commits and pull requests are automatically run on travis-ci.

  • Fix to prevent stripping out case-sensitivity of a URL if the user passes their credentials to config.server as an authorization header.

v3.0.25 (2016 Jan 12)

  • Add handling for Python versions incompatible with SHA-2 (see this blog post).

  • Add SHOTGUN_FORCE_CERTIFICATE_VALIDATION environment variable to prevent disabling certficate validation when SHA-2 validation is not available.

  • Add SSL info to user-agent header.

v3.0.24 (2016 Jan 08)

  • Not released.

v3.0.23 (2015 Oct 26)

  • Fix for python bug #23371 on Windows loading mimetypes module (thanks @patrickwolf).

  • Fix for tests on older versions of python.

  • Sanitize authentication values before raising error.

v3.0.22 (2015 Sept 9)

  • Added method text_search() which allows an API client to access the Shotgun global search and auto completer.

  • Added method activity_stream_read() which allows an API client to access the activity stream for a given Shotgun entity.

  • Added method note_thread_read() which allows an API client to download an entire Note conversation, including Replies and Attachments, using a single API call.

  • Added an experimental mockgun module which can be used to emulate the Shotgun API, for example inside unit test rigs.

  • [minor] Improved docstrings.

v3.0.21 (2015 Aug 13)

  • Update bundled httplib2 module to latest v0.9.1 - fixes some bugs

v3.0.20 (2015 Jun 10)

  • Add authentication support for Shotgun servers with two-factor authentication turned on.

v3.0.19 (2015 Mar 25)

  • Add ability to authenticate with Shotgun using session_token.

  • Add get_session_token() method for obtaining token to authenticate with.

  • Add new AuthenticationFault exception type to indicate when server communication has failed due to authentication reasons.

  • Add support for SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS environment variable to provide location of external SSL certificates file.

  • Fixes and updates to various tests.

v3.0.18 (2015 Mar 13)

  • Add ability to query the per-project visibility status for entities, fields and statuses. (requires Shotgun server >= v5.4.4)

v3.0.17 (2014 Jul 10)

  • Add ability to update last_accessed_by_current_user on Project.

  • Add workaround for bug #9291 in Python 2.7 affecting mimetypes library on Windows.

  • Add platform and Python version to user-agent (eg. shotgun-json (3.0.17); Python 2.7 (Mac))

v3.0.16 (2014 May 23)

  • Add flag to ignore entities from archived Projects.

  • Add support for differentiating between zero and None for number fields.

  • Add ability to act as a different user.

v3.0.15 (2014 Mar 6)

  • Fixed bug which allowed a value of None for password parameter in authenticate_human_user()

  • Add follow(), unfollow() and followers() methods.

  • Add ability to login as HumanUser.

  • Ensure that webm/mp4 mime types are always available.

  • Updated link to video tour in README.

  • Fixes and updates to various tests.

v3.0.14 (2013 Jun 26)

  • added: additional tests for thumbnails.

  • added: support for downloading from s3 in download_attachment(). Accepts an Attachment entity dict as a parameter (is still backwards compatible with passing in an Attachment id).

  • added: optional file_path parameter to download_attachment() to write data directly to disk instead of loading into memory. (thanks to Adam Goforth @aag)

v3.0.13 (2013 Apr 11)

v3.0.12 (2013 Feb 22)

no tag

  • added: #18171 New ca_certs argument to the Shotgun constructor to specify the certificates to use in SSL validation.

  • added: setup.py doesn’t compress the installed .egg file which makes the cacerts.txt file accessible.

v3.0.11 (2013 Jan 31)

v3.0.10 (2013 Jan 25)

  • added: add_user_agent() and reset_user_agent() methods to allow client code to add strings to track.

  • added: Changed default user-agent to include API version.

  • updated: advanced summarize filter support.

  • fixed: #19830 share_thumbnail() errors when source has no thumbnail.

v3.0.9 (2012 Dec 05)

  • added: share_thumbnail() method to share the same thumbnail record and media between entities.

  • added: proxy handling to methods that transfer binary data (ie. upload(), upload_thumbnail(), etc.).

  • updated: default logging level to WARN.

  • updated: documentation for summarize() method, previously released but without documentation.

  • fixed: unicode strings not always being encoded correctly.

  • fixed: create() generates error when return_fields is None.

  • fixed: clearing thumbnail by setting image value to None not working as expected.

  • fixed: some html entities being returned sanitized via API.

  • improved: simplejson fallback now uses relative imports to match other bundled packages.

  • improved: various error messages are now clearer and more informative.

  • installation is now pip compatible.

v3.0.9.beta2 (2012 Mar 19)

  • use relative imports for included libraries when using Python v2.5 or later.

  • replace sideband request for image (thumbnail) field with native support (requires Shotgun server >= v3.3.0. Request will still work on older versions but fallback to slow sideband method).

  • allow setting image and filmstrip_thumbnail in data dict on create() and update() (thanks @hughmacdonald).

  • fixed bug causing Attachment.tag_list to be set to "None" (str) for uploads.

v3.0.9.beta1 (2012 Feb 23)

  • added support for access to WorkDayRules (requires Shotgun server >= v3.2.0).

  • added support for filmstrip thumbnails (requires Shotgun server >= v3.1.0).

  • fixed download_attachment() pointing to incorrect url.

  • fixed some issues with module import paths.

v3.0.8 (2011 Oct 7)

  • now uses JSON as a transport rather than XML-RPC. This provides as much as a 40% speed boost.

  • added the summarize() method.

  • refactored single file into package.

  • tests added (Thanks to Aaron Morton @amorton).

  • return all strings as ascii for backwards compatibility, added ensure_ascii parameter to enable returning unicode.

v3.0.7 (2011 Apr 04)

  • fix: update() method should return a dict object not a list.

v3.0.6 (2010 Jan 25)

  • optimization: don’t request paging_info unless required (and server support is available).

v3.0.5 (2010 Dec 20)

  • officially remove support for old api3_preview controller.

  • find(): allow requesting a specific page of results instead of returning them all at once.

  • add support for session_uuid parameter for communicating with a web browser session.

v3.0.4 (2010 Nov 22)

  • fix for issue where create() method was returning list type instead of dictionary.

  • support new style classes (thanks to Alex Schworer @schworer).

v3.0.3 (2010 Nov 12)

  • add support for local files. Injects convenience info into returned hash for local file links.

  • add support for authentication through http proxy server.

v3.0.2 (2010 Aug 27)

  • add revive() method to revive deleted entities.

v3.0.1 (2010 May 10)

v3.0 (2010 May 5)

  • non-beta!

  • add batch() method to do multiple create(), update(), and delete() operations in one request to the server (requires Shotgun server to be v1.13.0 or higher).

v3.0b8 (2010 Feb 19)

v3.0b7 (2009 Nov 30)

  • add additional retries for connection errors and a catch for broken pipe exceptions.

v3.0b6 (2009 Oct 20)

  • add support for HTTP/1.1 keepalive, which greatly improves performance for multiple requests.

  • add more helpful error if server entered is not http or https

  • add support assigning tags to file uploads (for Shotgun version >= 1.10.6).

v3.0b5 (2009 Sept 29)

  • fixed deprecation warnings to raise Exception class for python 2.5.

v3.0b4 (2009 July 3)

v3.0b3 (2009 June 24)

  • fixed upload() and upload_thumbnail() methods.

  • added download_attachment() method.

  • added schema_* methods for accessing entities and fields.

  • added support for http proxy servers.

  • added __version__ string.

  • removed RECORDS_PER_PAGE global (can just set records_per_page on the Shotgun object after initializing it).

  • removed api_ver from the constructor, as this class is only designed to work with API v3.