The Shotgun Utilities Framework

The Shotgun Utils Framework contains a collection of helpers and tools to make it easy and painless to build consistent looking applications. It contains several modules which can each be used independently:

  • Shotgun Data and Shotgun Hierarchy models deriving from QStandardItemModel which makes it easy to quickly build responsive, rich applications with data from your Shotgun site.

  • A settings system handles per-user preferences and makes it easy to work with the QSettings class from within your app code.

  • An asynchronous Shotgun data receiver which makes it easy to work with background queries and thumbnail retrieval.

  • A background processing manager to help schedule background worker threads.

  • A globals helper module which provides cached access to various global data in Shotgun, including status names, display names for fields and schema data.

In the following documentation sections, each module is presented in detail with API reference and code examples.